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Wellcome to the IsraCelt site: the site for Israeli Celtic music fans!

This site is still under construcion since we've only just started it, but it will be larger- we promise!

Meanwhile, you can join our growing Israely-Celtic community, by
registering to our mailing list : It's

You can also...

Find out about us: the hosts of this site!

Read Vincent's  CD Reviews!

See our favorite Celtic-Inspired arts! (Specialy Lord of the Dance!)

Find out "why Celtic?" and what is the connection to Israel!

NEW! Read a Celtic story, written by AstroNomi: Fianna!

Look for some world wide good Celtic sites in our LINKS page!

If anyone has an idea or request from this site, or any suggestion, you can contact us:
AstroNomi, at  or Vincent, at

This page was last updated on 11/10/99.

This Celtic WebSite WebRing site is owned by Vincent.

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