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Celtic links!

Here are some good places to start, when looking for the Celtic world on the net...

NEW! SPECIAL! Here you can find AstroNomi's article about Irish music in Israel!
A good place to start is the Celtic Cafe. They got tons of useful links there! The Celtic Cafe is not only a site but a whole community - visit the site to know all about it!
The homepages of Lord of the Dance and of Riverdance are always useful...
The composers: Ronan Hardiman of LOTD and Bill Whealan of Riverdance.
The record company Celtic heart beat holds some fine artists and samples!
An absolutely excellent web-magazine with lots of very detailed CD reviews, links and other goodies: The Rambles. Check it out!
Green Linnet - A great site of a great Celtic CD company... you can listen to complete CDs there!
The site of our favorite Celtic Inspired visual Artist: Peter Pracownik!
NEW! Irish Folklore - A very good links page dedicated to the Irish Language, Mythology, Folklore and Drama - VERY interesting.
NEW! The history of Irish Dancing... really interesting, and includes loads of useful links about Ireland, dancing, music and more.

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