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greenDrangon.GIF (8410 bytes)Why Celtic music? And what's the connection to Israel?

    We must admit the best answer is "because we like it". But this alone does not explains the massive rise of Celtic music in the world and in Israel specifically. Did you noticed that "Lord of the Dance" became one of the greatest live-show blockbusters here? More than 20 shows within about half a year, each one filling to the top the Ceasaria theatre! You must agree that it's a bit more than just a passing trend.

    One reason is, of course, that Celtic music is very popular world-wide - and for a good reason: it combines traditional and original music, from "world music" style to jazz, soft rock and even pop. A truly refreshing breeze to music that was becoming dull and uninteresting. Not to mention all those great performers (especially female singers) that joined it.

    But we think that there is something in this music that is appealing to Israeli ears. Something in the sound of it that reminds us a familiar tune from far away. If you've been to one of the "Black Velvet" gigs you'll know what I mean. Try this for a crazy theory:
    The Celts - especially the Gaels - are not entirely original Europeans. They arrived to the area of France (and later also northern to England, Scotland and Ireland) from Asia. It's unknown HOW they did so, and in what ways had they get there - it's not impossible that they passed through the middle east! This was thousand of years ago - but we were here at this time, too!
we can't say we know this for a fact - we guess nobody can be really sure about these things - but it's a nice thought to hang to. Listen to the Irish drum (budrhan) very carefully and tell us yourself if that sound and rhythm doesn't sound familiar...
After all, King David was a redhead, and his son Solomon had a thousand wives. Who knows? Maybe of one their sons became Irish... :-)

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