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Little-Big Fans
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Little-Big Fans
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Welcome to the "Litlle-Big fans" page!!

The people you are about to see may be little in size, but they are BIG fans!

I'm affraid that fact is mainly MY fault... educating Ido (8 years old) and Maor (5 years old) for good behavior, going to bed in time and loving for the Lord of the Dance was the job of their elder sister: AstroNomi!

Please Notice: The good pictures are belown all my bubblings!

In Normal life, Our little brothers Ido and Maor are the typical little brothers: Fighting all the time and driving their parents (and elder sisters and brothers) CRAZY. I never thought there can be something that can facinate them enought to cause them to sit queitly for over an hour, except, offcourse, Power Rangers. SURELY not something like a dance show!
I was wrong...
At first, when they start talking about the LORD, I was sure it will be like any other thing: they will talk about it for a short time, and then only mention it when they want to make me happy, and then  I'll be happy enough to play with them. That how it was with any other thing they liked, and that's what I thought will happen now.
I was wrong!

I understood that I was wrong when some day, I over-heared the following conversation:

Ido: I'm bored. Lets put a video on!
Maor: Yesssss! Video! I want Power Rangers!!!
Ido: NOOO! I don't want Power Rangers! I hate Power Rangers! We ALWAYS watch it because of you!!! I want Hercules!!
Maor: I HATE Hercules! Ahhhhhhh! I want Power Rangers!

In that moment I was about to enter the room they were in, to prevent ANOTHER brother's fight, but then there was silence, and then...

Ido: I know... Lets put the Lord of the Dance!
Maor: Yessssssss! I want the Lord of the Dance! NNNOOOOMMMMIIII! NOMI! Come here!!! WE WANT THE LORD OF THE DANCE!!!

They want the Lord of the Dance? Well, who am I to resist to such a noble request... ;)

One other day, when I was sitting in the living-room, Maor suddenly apeared there:

Look Nomi, Look! I'm Michael Flakley!

MMF1.jpg (53765 bytes)

(He was 4 1/2 years old then, and couldn't pronounce "Flatley"...)

He was SO cute in the black pents and the black-red vest, giving such "I'm a tough-guy" looks that only made him look cuter - just like the REAL "Michael Flakley"!!! - that I started fooling around with the camera... :)  Do you think Ido could let Maor get all the attention like that?
OH NO! NOT IDO! He disapeared to his room and got back 5 minutes later:

AHA! But Nomi likes me better! I am DAIRE NOLAN!!!

IdoDorcha1.jpg (52780 bytes)

Even Daire hiself didn't look fiercier in the age of 7 1/2!!!

I'll spare you all my fooling around, and skip right to the last picture, who we all know from Feet of Flames - and I know VERY well from the kids' enourmos fights...


TheDuel1.jpg (63687 bytes)

As I said in the beginnig: Little children, BIG fans!!! :)

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