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Welcome to the Lord of the Dance delicious links page!

Here you can try the best LOTD links AstroNomi have found...

The LOTD official page is always a good place to begin... don't forget to take a look on the site's Visitor's Book (knows as "The VB"), where fans from all around the world had set up a LOTD-lovers comunity...

Talking about communities, take a quick look at the Celtic Cafe, the first and biggest community dedicated to the Celtic arts, specially LOTD...

If you wish to have a closer look on the wonderful dancer who actually were in Israel, the dancers of Troup 1, the "T1 Gallery" is the place for you...

Tired of the goodies and want to have a look on the cool bad guy? Don Dorcha's page was born for you!

NEW! Looking for information? Jessica's page has it! The only page that dedicates a good part to the LOTD music band.

Want to know more about the Creator, Michael Flatley? Fast footed facts is just for you!

The LOTD Museon is also a cute place - including some HILARIOUS Michael Flatley photomontages...

NEW! A fun and funny place, with a lot of great downloads... Planet Steven! don't forget to check out the LOTD games!

NEW! And another site that offers downloads - In Lord you can find brilient music waves-files from the show!

Photos... photos... photos... This page is a quick index to LOTD photos!

NEW! All about the leading dancers of LOTD!

Had enough of LOTD by now? Bored of the Dance offers a good laugh!

NEW! And if LOTD parodies is your cup of tea, have a look at Bird of the Dance!

NEW! The history of Irish Dancing... really interesting, and includes loads of useful links about Ireland, dancing, music and more.