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Welcome to...

The VERY unofficial
Fun Club in Israel!
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What will this club do? And besides, what do we need a club for?
We need a club to meet. That simple. And that is exactly what the club will do...
There are quite a lot of LOTD fans in Israel, that is for sure by simple calculations: Lets take the second time LOTD was in Israel, and the Caesaria theatre only - that gives us 8 shows, 3500 people in each show. 8X3500=28,000. Even if only 5% of them became fans, it's 1400 people! Each one of these fans has a little knowledge, a little something to tell, a special moment to share, a special pic to show off... together, it's A LOT!!!
Inviting LOTDish merchendise and things we just like to have from abroad is very expensive. Together, we can get the best discount.
Watching the show alone is fun, no doubt. Watching the show together, with fans like you, is incredible, amazing and AWESOME!
Trying to meet the dancers alone is harsment. Setting a meeting with them together, as a fan club, is fun for both sides...
And so on and on... you got the point, I believe! :)

Why UNofficial?
Because in order to be an official fan club, we have to pay money. Lots of money. And we want it to be a free club, open to anyone who wishes to join without paying loads of money.

So, is it completely free? No membership fee?!
Yes, it's completely free. No fees at all. If, at a more advanced point, the club members wants to do something that requires money, every member who wants to participant will pay his/her share.

OK... how can I join?  
By sending an E-mail to the club's head, AstroNomi, and saying there you wanna join. That's all. You can write whatever you want in... as long as you also clearly declare you want to join the club.

Can I help in anything?
Of course! Building a club is a complicated task, and the club's quality depands on the acount of people that shares the task. More people will make the club better, no doubt. If you want to help in anything, no metter how little or big, just write an e-mail to AstroNomi, and she will find you something to do... :)

I have another question I wish to ask...
Well, you know what to do: E-mail it to AstroNomi, and she will answer within 2-3 days!

Follow your dreams!

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