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Peter Pracownik
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Lord of the Dance!
Peter Pracownik

Welcome to the page dedicated to our favorite Celtic inspired artist: Peter Pracownik!

"Peter Pracownik - Visionary Artist and Painter of Myths"

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Peter Pracownik is what you can call a "New Age" artist. His works combines a lot of elements which now considered popular new-age elements, such as Dragons, Grey Aliens and Celtic signs like Stonehange.
The problem with this definition is that Peter created "new-age art" before this term was invented...
From the very beginning of his artistic way, Peter was inspired by the Celtic arts and symbols. If you take a close look at his work since then, you can hardly find one or two images without a Celtic sign! This is the first reason why we - and specially AstroNomi - like him so much.
Another reason, not less important (and maybe even more...) can be seen, again, when you are looking on his work - it's just beautiful!!! Most of us, you must admit, got a little sick from all this "new-age art", and can't see another picture of that kind. But Peter's work breaks that rule... I just can't AVOID watching it! :)
And the last reason can be guessed after looking at this picture:

Pete&Nomi, T2.jpg (139721 bytes)

Yes! That's right! I've met him! Peter Pracownik is not only a super-talented artist who make the new-age art something much higher then just "new age art"  - he is also a very VERY nice person, with a very wide knowledge about a lot of interesting things, from the Celtic mythology (and Celtic art, offcourse...) to Tarot and Literacy!
He is also likes Science Fiction and Fantasy very much, and that was HOW I've met him - in a Science Fiction convention...
Much more information about Peter Pracownik, and offcourse ALL his WONDERFUL painting can be found in his site:

When you're visiting that amazing site, don't forget to take a good look at the Earth Dragon, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit posters,  which can be found in Israeli stores!!!

Enjoy... it's really a spectacular vision :)

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