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Help bring

Feet of Flames

to Israel!!!

As most of us know, Michael Flatley is taking what once was his good-bye from dancing show, the grand Feet of Flames, to a World tour. (Details can be found in the CelticCafe site, under "Feet of Flames 2000 tour").

What we did not know, is that there is still no intention to bring the show to Israel!

With your help, we can change that!

How so?

The Ze'ev Issac producers' office was responsible for bringing here Lord of the Dance twice last year. If someone will be interested in bringing the expended LOTD, Feet of Flames, it would be them. 
Therefor, the office was contacted by your loyal AstroNomi, hostess of this site. Talking with them discovered that they didn't even know exactly what FOF is, not to mention the 2000 world tour!
After being explained about the tour, the producer in charge of LOTD got pretty much interested... when contacted a second time by Noa, the answer to "are you going to bring
FOF?" was "we are talking about it".
But "talking" is not enough for us - we want to SEE the show!

Now we are working to convince them to stop talking, and start doing!

What can we do? We can help them decide by proving them there are a lot of Israeli interested in Feet of Flames! And how do we do that? Simple enough, calling them and asking if they are about to bring FOF to Israel... The more calls we make - the more convinced they would become. But if the same person would call again and again, it won't be very effective...

And that where we need YOU to help! 

If you want to see Feet of Flames here, come and help us! It doesn't requires much from you - all you have to do is e-mail AstroNomi, and get from her the phone number to call and the day to call on. And call. That's all.

And next thing we'll know, Michael Flatley will be hoping around here with his marvolous dancer... ;) Sounds good? So come and help!

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